Work With Me

If you have a beer related brand you’d like to promote, there are a number of ways we can work together:

I offer banner adverts and sponsored posts, or a combo deal that includes both. Advertising can be bought on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. There’s also the directory, where you can place a very affordable listing for your beer-related business. Drop me a line for current rates as well as my blog and social media stats.


I get countless requests for assistance from people looking to set up a brewery or bar or distribution company. If you are looking for insight into the South African craft beer industry, please get in touch to chat about my consulting rates. I will send you a form to complete before the meeting to ensure that I come equipped with the info and insight you’re seeking. Consulting services include providing contacts, advice on the market, how to set up a brewery, social media and marketing advice, assistance with beer lists for your restaurant and writing tasting notes. I also offer a beer review/troubleshooting service where I provide in-depth feedback on your beers (including notes on suitability to style, any off flavours, recipe recommendations etc.)

Restaurant Reviews
I only review restaurants that offer a decent beer selection (at least ten brands – excluding SAB products, ideally with a good selection on tap, though this isn’t essential if the bottled selection is superb). Of course, if your establishment only has a few beers brands but they are exclusively available there, I want to hear about it! If you’d like to invite me to review your restaurant, I will happily do so but please bear in mind that the blog is nothing without honesty and a free meal doesn’t guarantee positive coverage. If for some reason there is something wrong with the food or service, or heaven forbid, the beer, I will mention this alongside the good. I like to give fair, balanced reviews rather than always writing flowery fluff that reads like a press release.

Beer Reviews
Want to send me some beer to review? Great. I can always make space in my fridge. I hope I have built a reputation on being honest and it’s of no use to my readers to read reviews of how awesome a beer was, when in fact it was not. So please be aware that sending free beer does not guarantee a good review. There is one thing that guarantees a good review though – good beer!

I look forward to working with you!