Winners of the 2018 South African National Beer Trophy

At the 4th annual South African National Beer Trophy, a record 212 beers were entered.  Twenty two of them won gold medals and a further 59 were awarded silvers.  Beers are judged to the 2015 BJCP style guidelines.

There were six trophies awarded for the best beer in each category. Trophies went to Cape Brewing Company’s lager, St Francis Brewing Company’s Kromme River witbier, Darling Brew’s Gypsy Mask and Black Mist, Amunden’s Ink & Dagger and Fraser’s Folly brandy cask-finished barley wine.The overall prize went to Amundsen’s Ink & Dagger. Amundsen hails from Norway but their beers are brewed at Devil’s Peak for distribution in South Africa.

Once again the Beerhouse People’s Choice award went to Black Label but one of the things that prevented a craft beer from winning is the sheer choice available. Overall, craft beers got the bulk of the votes – just shy of 65% overall. But between the 1095 people that voted for microbrewed beer, a remarkable 169 different beers received votes. When it comes to macro there are realistically around half a dozen possibilities so it really would be amazing if a microbrewery managed to win! For more on the People’s Choice, read this post on Beerhouse’s blog.

And now, for your general interest/for your 2018 to do list, here are all the medal winners. Go drink some award-winning beer.

Gold medal winners

Amundsen Brewery South Africa Ink and Dagger
Atlantic Storm Brewery  Black Tempest
Brauhaus am Damm Dunkel
Brewhaha Jbay Stormy Seas
Cape Brewing Company Dunkel
Cape Brewing Company Lager
Darling Brew Black Mist
Darling Brew Gypsy Mask
Devil’s Peak Brewing Company Lager
Drifter Brewing Co. Stormy Smoked Porter
Frasers Folly Brandy Cask Finished Ale
Hermanus Brewery Old Harbour Lager
Impi Brewing Co. Homestead Lager
Kings Craft Brewing Co. Madking Pilsner
Lakeside Brewing Co. Summit Red IPA
Mitchell’s Brewery Forester’s
Mountain Brewing Company Klipbock
SAB Castle Light
Spilhaus Brewery Märzen Lager
St. Francis Brewing Co. Kromme Rivier Witbier
Striped Horse Pale Ale
The Italian Job Brewery Famiglia Pilsner

Silver medal winners

Boet Beer Pale Ale
Brauhaus am Damm Märzen
Brewhaha Jbay Moonlit Beach
Brewhaha Jbay Endless Summer
Cape Brewing Company Pilsner
Clockwork Brewhouse Schwarzbier
Darling Brew Arrowhead RIS
Darling Brew Long Claw
Drifter Brewing Co. Scallywag IPA
Drifter Brewing Co. Off The Dock Doppelbock
Fierce Beer South Africa Day Shift
Frontier Beer/Stimela Brett Saison
Frontier Beer/Hazeldean The Cuban
Hazeldean Brewing Co. Fruit Lambic
Hazeldean Brewing Co.  Vienna Lager
Hazeldean Brewing Co. Milkstout
Hoghouse Brewing Co. Warthog IPA
Hoghouse Brewing Co. Haybale Saison
Hoogeberg Brewery Lager
Impi Brewing Co. Warrior Pilsner
Karoo Craft Breweries The Kudu Lager
Karoo Craft Breweries The Jackal IPA
Karoo Craft Breweries Passion Smash Pale Ale
Kas Bier Weiss
Kings Craft Brewing Co. Lionheart Lager
Lakeside Brewing Co. Festival Oktoberfest Lager
Lakeside Brewing Co. Supernova Porter
Mad Giant Urban Legend
Metal Lane Brewery Pale Ale
Mitchell’s Brewery Milk & Honey
Mitchell’s Brewery Old Wobbly
Mitchell’s Brewery Bosun’s Pale Ale
Mountain Brewing Company Templar IPA
Mountain Brewing Company Loadshed Lager
Mountain Brewing Company Stamina Potion
Mountain Brewing Company Copper Dawn
Newlands Spring Brewing Co. Jacobs Pale Ale
Newlands Spring Brewing Co. Tribute Lager
Noon Gun Brewery Gunslinger Pilsner
Noon Gun Brewery Muzzle Loader Weiss
Noon Gun Brewery Smooth Bore Lager
Old Potter’s Brewhouse Rooinek
Old Potter’s Brewhouse City Slicker Rice Lager
Old Potter’s Brewhouse City Slicker Pale Ale
SAB Castle Lager
SAB Castle Free
St. Francis Brewing Co. Storm Warning Stout
Striped Horse Lager
The Franschoek Beer Company La Saison
The Franschoek Beer Company Three Oaks Craft Lager
The Franschoek Beer Company Liberty APA
The Italian Job Brewery Amore Amber Ale
The Kennel Brewery  Bierboel
The Redrock Brewing Co. Painted Black
The Redrock Brewing Co. Rusty Trigger
Toast Ale South Africa Pale Ale
Urban Brewing Co.  Monkey’s Paw Pilsner
Zebonkey Weissbier
Zwakala Brewery Mountain Weiss


  1. Marius Botha

    Please amend. The Cuban was a colab between Frontier and Hazeldean Brewing. I also believe The Bret Saison is a colab between Frontier and Stimela.

    • Lucy Corne

      Done. My apologies – was publishing the list as provided from the SANBT folks. (And apologies in advance for the omission in On Tap 🙁 )

  2. Giles

    Interesting that there’s no Riot and no Woodstock on those lists… did they not enter? If so, that’s the problem with awards – never truly representative of what’s out there; but useful in terms of alerting you to newcomers, I guess…

    • Lucy Corne

      I hear that Woodstock didn’t enter, couldn’t tell you about Riot though…

      • Jonathan

        I was about to write “The fact that Woodstock isn’t on the list just goes to show that the style guidelines really don’t matter (to me).”

        But then i read this 😉

  3. Roeks Griessel

    Confusing, is Striped Horse now a brewery?

  4. Leight

    I dont trust this List


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